Kickstarting a CC-licensed recording/video of Chopin performed on a pleyel


I am a recent fan of Kimiko Ishizaka after I discovered her Open Goldberg Variations project. I’m glad to see she’s continuing the effort.

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Not so much a fan of the guy who appears to be describing the project to a class of kindergartners.


The article sez: “Kimiko Ishizaka has never played this piano nor any like it, and everything about it is different. Although she has 5 days with the instrument to prepare, it’s impossible to know in advance what the results will sound like.”

So why aren’t they using a specialist! There are performer/scholars who have built their careers around historically-informed performance and original instruments. For example Tom Beghin has recorded all of Haydn’s keyboard music on specially commissioned replicas. 5 days is not enough to relearn everything. Spend a few years with a similar instrument first.

that guys nose scares me.

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