Kickstarting a comic about HP Lovecraft's world


Is that the SyFy Channel’s Craig Engler? I remember he wrote one of their made for TV zombie movies a few years ago, and it looks like he’s writing their weekly zombie series Z Nation now.

I know that some hardcore Lovecraft fans hate the idea of people actually vanquishing Lovecraftian horrors, when in the original stories the best anyone could do was barely survive them with their sanity more or less intact.

I’m not that much of a purist myself and I wish him the best of luck.

But @beschizza and I already collaborated on a comic about HP Lovecraft’s world (by way of “Nancy”).

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Interesting and very tempting.

In this story, the man named Lovecraft is the world’s foremost magician and alchemist who maintains a secret library of forbidden knowledge which includes books like the Necronomicon.

Doesn’t this kinda go against Lovecraft’s vision? I’m not very well versed in his writing, but I thought the idea was the protagonists simply survive as long as possible before mental or physical break downs.

…more or less.

I rather enjoyed the Call of Cthulhu game’s take (and would love to see a comic play out this way). Remaining sane was the balancing equation while your plucky adventurer fought for an alternative “Cabin in the Woods” ending. So, taking down human and semi-human agents of the creeping madness was par for the course. Some of the lesser beings could be dealt with through a suitable application of firepower (field artillery, for example) or sanity-endangering rituals. However, reading the wrong book, looking in the wrong cave or even hearing something a bit too eldritch could put a quick end to your career.

But the Elder gods? They would straight up kill you --if you were lucky.

Titus Crow?

Having just blasted through Charles Stross’s excellent “Laundry” books and short stories and craving more, this is right on time. Although my last Cthulhu comic book read was from Alan Moore… hopefully this is less fish-monster-rape oriented.

see also Alex Shvartsman’s Explaining Chtulhu to Grandma


Now that you mention it, you’re absolutely right. Lovecraft wrote about unseen things hidden behind the veil we perceive as reality, not about gaiju. Chthulhu may be big, but that doesn’t mean he’s Godzilla.

I’ve been enjoying this Lovecraftian webcomic muchly

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It means it falls squarely into what TVTropes calls ‘Lovecraft Lite’. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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