Kickstarting a machine to kill secrets


Sounds a lot like (

Or like

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And as we have seen on the past, when government is bombarded with requests, they change the rules about what can be requested and how.

The thing is, FOIA requests are easy to write. Email or letter. If you need help many guides and tips about. Automating it isn’t a good thing, it will mean people just bash off any old thing without thinking, flooding departments, preventing and slowing down important requests, and increase the cost of complying with requests - i.e. less money to spend elsewhere.

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Exactly what I thought. I really hope they’ve been in touch with the MySociety lot to see if they can share ideas/code.

One of the benefits on an Alavateli-based system is that it can reduce FOIA requests by answering requests from the archives of existing answers.

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