Kickstarting an antifascist cyberpunk RPG

Um, so… you might be forgiven for thinking that everyone was a seething rebellious cyberpunk-wannabe teenager in the 1980s, if you read a lot of BB.

Which is what I said the first time.

(What, are you trying to read some insult or put-down into that description? Please don’t. It’s just a description. I don’t hang out in places I find insult- or putdown-worthy.)

“Amused, not Disappointed.”

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Well, I guess this game will be slightly different than this actual one from precisely the same year:

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While I don’t think what you said is entirely valid I did think it was funny a little.

I thought what I said was a little funny too.

But… just a little.

How accurate was the “extensive background material” on Soviet society?


On sleeping on it and discussing with others, Sigmata’s premise is creative and it actually works off of ideas of shamanistic empowerment: war chants, spirit dances, vision quests of yor …encoded into a radio signal. It also shows that just ‘blowing things up’ isn’t going to win the war. Winning hearts and minds will.

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Why would 80s libertarian militias, religious activists, and wealthy entrepreneurs not be part of the Regime?

What grievances with the Regime could possibly push those groups to support an insurgency?


The author did write Cryptomancer, which surprisingly was playable. The Crypto part was spot on and well realized. The dice mechanics are not a complete mess. It was playable just none of the mechanics, stood out, to support to the kind of stories that the game wanted to tell. I mean all of the classic mechanics where there, running, fighting etc. But nothing tailored to the stories the game was trying to tell.

I haven’t played this new game and he doesn’t share enough of the mechanics for me to have a clue.

Just to be clear, I don’t buy games to collect them. So I’m always looking at a game in that light.

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Same reason people that had means to ‘blend in’ and function within other facist societies either fled or aided resistance; because while they are the inside crowd ‘now’ the future changes that. Maybe the specific person has a friend that is on the social out. Maybe they have basic moral decency and empathy.

It feels a bit like someone from here walking up to me and going ‘you are a white man happy with his gender and with a hetro sexual orientation. Why do you care about minority groups?’

I care because looking at history I see how quickly a regime can clamp down to the point that it gets more and more extreme and suddenly I’m next against the wall.Good intent suddenly turns into happy camp fun time.

‘They came for the gypsy and I said nothing. They came for the jew and I said nothing. They came for the pole and disabled and the communist and I said nothing. Now they come for me and there’s nobody left to speak.’


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