Kickstarting an Oh Joy Sex Toy book


I bet a video would do fairly well on PPV.

Why were the rest of us perverts not informed of this comic prior? Well Cory? I’m waiting…

I’m still a little skeeved by the apparent lack of teeth in most of Oh Joy’s character design.

HUGS oh my gosh I have spent the last two hours <3ing, crying, laughing and sharing the goodness that is ohjoysextoy. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

You mean this from May 2013?

What did they do for sex toys before electricity was harnessed?

Steam. (As a power source. :slight_smile: )

And there have been toys made in just about any smooth, polished material. Goes back thousands of years. Pretty much since we acquired the tech to work materials, we’ve been, errm, “working” those materials. :smiley:

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Tens of thousands of years if you believe some of the theories about ‘Batons de commandement’.

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So will this book be illegal in Alabama?

Good job for challenging the damaging stereotype of it just being about people with perfect bodies getting it on. Sometimes you’d get the impression that it’s all we ever do.

My personal belief is that even back in the stone age we were getting our rocks off using all sorts of things. I’m not 100% convinced by some of the archeological theories out there but I’d be astonished if it never went on.

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