Kickstarting Dream Askew and Dream Apart, no-dice, no-GM RPGs about radical justice, queers and Jewish shtetl life

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Since this is a book, wouldn’t it be easier to skip right to publishing on demand and distributing via Amazon?

That is, with a single line you have refuted the whole notion of crowdfunding?

What’s “Judiasm”?

A special sort of climax experienced by devout practitioners of the faith. You weren’t ever supposed to know about it.

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There’s no Game Master to defer to; authority is divided equally around the table.

I’m not funding some anarcho-syndicalist commune with my hard-earned capitalist dollars!

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This would fit in beautifully to a Friends at the Table play. I hope they play with this.

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Not all crowdfunding. Just “crowdfunding for distribution” rather than “crowdfunding for development and manufacturing.”

There are several reasons! One, it’s cheaper to offset print a large number of books once you’ve assessed a level of demand, than to use POD. For another, the Kickstarter structure of stretch goals allows us to include different contributors if the funding allows, and everyone who backs the project benefits from those stretch goals rather than just latecomers (in other words, it’s also partially crowdfunding for development). For a third, Kickstarter is in itself an effective way to help people find out about the project, and to do the contact-management aspect of initial distribution. For a fourth, compressing a significant number of sales into an initial period with a focused campaign makes revenue more predictable earlier.


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