Kickstarting maker-kits for kids based on conductive play-doh

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Good first project: conductive Play-doh plug. Just insert in any wall socket.


And if they survive, on to project #2


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Actually I did this once while fiddling with electrical stuff. I used a peculiar kind of electrical plug where the blades were on hinges. They folded out, you stuck some lamp wire (cut off straight) into the back, and you folded the prongs back together. Little prongs pierced the wire and made the connection. Then you slid the cover back on and snapped it tight. Very easy to connect; no screws.

But if you forget to slide the cover on, plug it into a socket, you are essentially grasping it by the blades. :scream:

I only did it once. I think I was about 14.

ETA missing word.

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