Kickstarting Pitch Deck: a party game that challenges you to make great pitches for terrible startups

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This strikes a bit too close to home


Use it to make YouTube videos and make $11 million a year!


The perfect gift for somebody who… umm… pitches a lot of startups?


Anyone play Snake Oil? My social introversion found it exhausting, but I love the concept.

Looking forward to trying this one.


So, it’s The Big Idea?

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This was funded months ago.

Human-eagle hybrids! What could go wrong?

That’s exactly what I was thinking.


More to the point it may be plagiarism. How did some of these web 2.0 companies ever get funding in the first place? Perhaps someone already got rich selling a version of this to techbros*.

*I’ve decided this is a gender neutral term, exhibit 1 Carly Fiorina.

Welcome to board games where the only thing copyrighted is the rules as written and the artwork as drawn and laid out. Designers often lift mechanics or re-implement other games. I mean Cards Against Humanity is just Apples to Apples for shitty people. Pitch Deck is more like The Big Idea but with different bidding mechanics (You’re pitching to one person instead of to the room, two winners).

Wow, I must have been in a foul mood last night. I mean, I still don’t like the idea for the game, but that comment I wrote was really snide. I’ve deleted it. Thanks for calling me on it.

I didn’t mean to hit it that hard, sorry!

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No worries. You we’re right and I might not have gone back and reread what I wrote if you hadn’t.

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