Kickstarting Scratchjr: Scratch programming for under-eights!


While I’m a huge fan of Scratch, and will back this kickstarter, I’m disappointed to see that the only scheduled platform for its release is the iPad. There is irony in creating a package to show kids the freedom of code, and then publishing it only on a closed platform.


I was skeptical, but the kickstarter page looks promising. Anything to inspire more people to actually try to use and understand their computers. I pledged.

I’ll just leave this here.

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I had the same thought. The current Scratch (not-Jr.) has also gone proprietary, with Adobe Flash / Air.

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Worse, a closed platform that I don’t own.

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You can still run non-Flash Scratch. The 1.4 release, bout on Squeak Smalltalk, is still available. The Raspberry Pi still includes it and we are actively working to improve how it works on the Pi. As a nice benefit, all those improvements work on all Squeak supported platforms, which is basically everything. Aside from your toaster. My toaster, on the other hand, has no problem.

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