Kid tries to take photo of woman with laptop camera, woman covers lens (110 BC)

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Well, fiddlesticks. It really isn’t Aristotle Socrates Plato . This makes me sad.

Oh well. At least I learned something.


I’m in ur base, gobbling ur dainties…


What makes the labeller define the standing figure as a slave child? Expensive hair style, good clothes…why not a daughter? The Italian says “assistant” in one place, and “little slave” in another. Perhaps it’s her kid showing off her homework on the wax tablet.


Well, she is clearly half undressed and didn’t think it was a good idea to let those sort of pics get out. The kids gotta learn about appropriate times to take candid shots.


Seems appropriate to me, precision timing, even. :dart:

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Yes, dear. It’s a cat.


I heard somewhere, and it may or may not be true but I would not be surprised if it was true, that similar complaints were found in cuneiform text on clay tablets from ancient Sumer.

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When I was in school I took Latin, and we would read quotes about youth and the downfall of society from the likes of Cicero, etc. We thought this was hilarious – “See, the older generation has been complaining about younger generation forever!”

On the other hand… when was the last time you ran into a Sumerian or a Roman? Maybe they were right!


Slightly OT, but it reeminds me of that other quote - the one about the army that kept getting rearranged so the soldiers never completed their training. You occasionally see it stuck up in office cubicles.
Anyway, one company I worked for, there were two engineers (both antisocial types) who had this on the wall of their shared office. Then they got involved in a project which included two officers of the Royal Signals. They saw the paper on the wall, and laughed.
They then explained to the engineers, very slowly and carefully as if to idiots, that in a battle units are constantly being broken up by casualties and officers have to reform things from scratch. So learning to work quickly with strangers and being pushed into new formations isn’t mismanagement - it is essential skills development for the infantry.


Nintendo3DS had really awesome thumbprint recognition in those days, but it has been lost since. Wax in southern Greece, though…mineralized or not, that is a lot of Matthew Barney stuff to work though.

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