Kinetic steampunk pub in Romania is boozily adorable

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to go there. Otherwise, I will totally rip off the idea and start a pub in Austin. Er, exactly how does kickstarter work?


From all the cigarettes, I’m guessing that the pub is effectively approximating Victorian air pollution.


The clockworks are similar to the “Pivnice U Milosrdných,” in Prague (now defunct), featured in the movie “The best Offer”.

If steampunk is just a bunch of gaudy cogs and gasmasks, is there a name for an aesthetic that uses steam and gears to do actual work? What would we call the Babbage Difference Engine today - besides obsolete?


Pretty cool if it actually works. A fucking bogus gimmick if it’s just a tape-puncher hooked up to a laptop with a pretty case with moving gears and shit.

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No, I meant a real one, built to spec. I’m pretty sure he drew up detailed schematics.

They’ve built a Difference Engine, haven’t they?

(but not an Analytical Engine, yet?)


I did not know that.

It’s not quite as “kinetic”–bubbles rising through tubes on the walls are the only non-human movement I detected on a visit–but there is a “steampunk room” in the Victorian-styled excavated tube-stop themed gin bar, Whitechapel, newly opened in SF, for those of you who want an ostensibly similar vibe infusing your cocktails and for whom SF may be somewhat more accessible than Romania.


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