Kleargear's parent company issues hilarious press release about company's future


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Years ago there was a commercial for Amazon in which Jeff Bezos said that the internet meant that an unhappy customer could share bad experiences with an unlimited number of people. This was at the time that Amazon had yet to make a profit. I guess they can afford to not care anymore, so they’re working with companies that never did care.

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In fairness to Amazon, just because Kleargear (DBS or whichever parent company/obfuscation techinque) issues a press release stating that Amazon is doing something, doesn’t really mean Amazon is doing anything. Judging from Kleargear’s previous statements, it’s likely an indication of the opposite. Amazon does have plenty of issues, but I wouldn’t take anything the clowns at Kleargear say with any seriousness.

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I wonder if maybe they’re counting on people not knowing the difference between Amazon Fulfillment and a regular Amazon Seller account. Because anyone can sell stuff through Amazon; I’ve done it myself.

Either way, though, it can’t last. Their ratings will tank. Again. It’s just a question of how much money they can get out of people who don’t check the vendor carefully before that happens.

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