Koch Brothers buy ads on Daily Show, Jon Stewart mercilessly skewers them

Reminds me of the IT building at Harvard that was paid for by Gates and Allen which they named after their mothers. Nice.

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Everyone knows Jesus rides a unicorn.

Last Week Tonight usually go live a few days later in the UK I think, but Daily Shows are permablocked

Any free alternatives out there? Hola was good but chrome started trying to block it so that doesnt work either


So they are subverting democracy over a 1$ bet?


The Koch brothers are just trying to counter the liberal political machine. I keep wondering when Stewart will go after George Soros and the rest of these liberal organizations?


Clever name.


Consider that the fund/organization in the link is only one of many. The bros control, directly or indirectly, a wide palette of organizations and front groups. Koch Industries is only a drop in an ocean of these.

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Are you a shill for this company?

@CaptainPedge I mentioned tunnelbear cause they give you 500mb a month free and an extra 1gb each month if you tweet about them. Your tweet can say anything (even insults) and you get the gig.

Maybe when they start doing evil shit like these Koch assholes. Who the fuck supports Scott Walker? Geriatrics, dumb fucks oh -and the Koch brothers.


If anyone wants a good and laugh-filled podcast telling you why you’ll probably hate these shitheads, listen to these tank riot episodes on them:



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Oh do you mean like George Soros and the many puppets that he controls on the left? or how about some of these?


I did a side-stint in PR. It is hard and expensive to keep somebody in a spotlight. It is harder and more expensive to keep somebody OFF a spotlight. These Kochs-didn’t-do-it articles are a disaster-salvage effort from the latter group.


It always makes me laugh that a devoted capitalist like George Soros is considered to be part of the left.


Quite true. It’s also telling that the article Mr. Parrot linked to was comparing the political spending of entire national organizations to the spending of two very rich brothers.


I think it matters very much what those two things are.

People who wish to find ways to exert large amounts of influence and also make efforts towards reducing the influence of others cannot be rightly said to favor a level playing field and a democratic system.

It’s not black and white, nor is it a moral judgement. It’s a simple description of actions taken and how to fairly describe them, atomically.

You can then add the context of hospitals, museums, charitable donations and other civic works and the like, surely. but it does not change the fact of their behavior relative to the democratic ideal. Their behavior demonstrates they do not respect the foundation of it.

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People can be many things at once. The perception of some however gets colored by the others.

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(And why the Kochs are missing)

I don’t know whether this counts as reading past the headline, but, from the article

In June, Adelson — the 12th richest person in the country — told my colleague Steve Bertoni that he’d be willing to spend “whatever it takes” to defeat Obama, suggesting he’d give $100 million or more. If he plans to make good on his word, there’s every chance that these millions are being funneled through nonprofits that don’t have to disclose their benefactors.

It’s for this same reason that the two billionaire bogeymen of the left, industrialists Charles and David Koch, do not appear on the list below. They’re well-known for their antipathy towards the President, holding biannual summits of like-minded rich conservatives to discuss his overthrow. David held a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at his Hamptons estate this summer, inviting his wealthy peers and neighbors to cough up $50,000-a-plate.

And you don’t even have to use only one nonprofit (for that would also attract attention). You can make as many nonprofits as you’d like.


The point I was trying to make was that the left demonizes these 2 rich brothers to bring peoples focus away from ALL the other money involved in the political game. Its a joke and the lemmings on the left just fall in line .Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch… Get a clue, there is George Soros, Tom Steyer and countless other organizations on the left with HUGE money in the game and I was pointing that out! Then there is the fact that the democrats actually take money from the Koch brothers while bitching about their undue influence.

The difference is I back up what I say with information that people can go research further. Too many people don’t research what they hear and take the word of someone else as fact.