Kodachrome, Pt. 2

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I absolutely love this stuff, and part 2 raises profound questions of our mortality, legacy, and memory.

I also feel slightly guilty for not shooting more Koachrome while I had the chance, as I always considered it too expensive. I also should have had better insights into what colour subject matter I should have photographed, but I didn’t always recognize it at the time.

There are two exceptions; I did once see a taxi auto body shop while leaving Manhattan, and I always wanted to go back and photograph it. I did try photographing a similar garage in Toronto, but the scale was just not the same.

I also wanted to capture the older generation of Shell gas stations before they were all switched over, and at one point I was even ready to set up a photo shoot, but it was too late; the gas station was already being demolished.

Here is my favourite Kodachrome image from my family archives. It shows my aunt graduating in Grand Rapids in 1965. Even if I didn’t know who was in the photograph, I would still love it!

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