Labour NEC Election - clean sweep for Corbyn supporting candidates

Can’t find a news article yet on this, but apparently in today’s Labour Party National Executive Committee election, Corbyn supporting candidates won every position.

Edit: New Statesman article…


My first thought was, “Maybe this means they can still turn the Brexit around,” but, no, apparently not:

The Labour leader ruled out support for a second referendum on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal, adding: “You have to respect the decision people made.”

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What the hell. No you don’t need to respect the decision, at least not when it’s a product of demagoguery and wrongful thinking and scraped out of a simple majority in a pluralistic society!


afaik Corbyn was never a fan of the EU - and some of the arguments are legit (I still think the benefits outshine the disadvantages from my leftist position, but this is only my opinion and not necessarily the only standpoint)

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Yep. If he weren’t leader, Corbyn would have been campaigning for Brexit. He’s always been a left-wing critic of it the EU AFAIK.

As an American, there is much I don’t necessarily understand about this-- but, is this election result at least an indication that Corbyn is likely to remain in his position despite the high-profile defections of some of his cabinet ministers this summer?

What bugs me is that this strikes me as akin to if Bernie Sanders had argued for the US to leave the UN or even dissolve the US union. I have a hard time squaring an attack on cosmopolitanism and international social pluralism with professing to lean left or in fact being a particularly enlightened liberal progressive. To be clear, opposing the TPP isn’t a contradiction of that because the TPP subverts democracy, justice, and sovereignty for blind unrestricted avarice, but, I don’t see that as the defining quality of the EU in spite of all its shortcomings today any more than I would see that as the defining quality of the US union itself.

Sorry, my crappy writing. Corbyn was a long-standing critic of the EU.

As a Labour councillor in 1975, Corbyn voted against Britain remaining a
member of the then European Economic Community. Following his election
as an MP in 1983, Corbyn voted against the position of three separate
Labour Party leaders over the issue of the EU. He opposed the Maastricht
Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty and supported calls for a referendum on
Britain’s EU membership in 2011.


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