Larry Lessig explains how Mayday.US can win the fight on corruption


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Larry is about to learn something very valuable. When a system becomes as corrupt as the U.S. “representative” government, throwing more money at the problem will not achieve lasting results.

Sure, he may score some temporary victories until his well-funded opponents scramble and counter, but the only thing he’ll be left with is an empty warchest and broken dreams.

When the colonies decided to break away from King George, they didn’t petition the bastard, they went outside the system to change it – and it saddens me that no one seems to remember that pivotal point in history.

I understand the cynicism. I have to fight against it daily myself.

But the implication I’m getting from your post is that nothing short of armed revolt can improve our current situation.

I’m not ready to go there.

Ten years ago, would anyone have predicted the wave of marijuana legalization the appears poised to become the law of the land?

There were a LOT of powerful people making a LOT of money from marijuana being illegal. That’s changing, and we didn’t need a revolution to make it happen.

There’s a big difference between legalizing weed and trying to fix a corrupt system. Weed can be taxed and squeezed for profit, so naturally the attitudes change when the dollar signs come into play. No doubt, that was the same rocky road that liquor/beer production had to tread prior to prohibition being repealed.

My main point is, by engaging a corrupt system you are not ensuring lasting change, only temporary dislocations that are mended in other backroom deals and private phone calls. Victory “A” is allowed for token sake, while dirty deals “B”, “C”, and why the hell not “D” are pushed through with no-one the wiser.

So, what would you recommend? How would you school the ignorant Mr. Lessig, to save him and all those who find the Mayday PAC initiative to be inspiring of hope?

It’s going to be pointless for me to cite examples from US history of meaningful reforms, since you’re going to shoot all of them down for reasons.

Are you actually in the camp that says nothing short of an armed overthrow of the US government can improve our situation?

Typical western attitude, “There’s no way out but to SHOOT OUR WAY OUT.” There are other forms of protest, you know. As for Lessig, he’s ideologically wed to his effort, so there’s no helping him. All of those funds will still be a colossal waste, though. Pity he can’t see that.

I don’t offer any solutions, because I’m wary of being targeted by your increasingly control-hungry government. Suffice to say, intelligent people will come up with their own plans. Perhaps the easiest way is to drop out of the collective insanity altogether.

I pity your country really, its sad to see something that was once so great start to head down the road of despotism.

I submit the reason you don’t offer any solutions is because you don’t have any better ideas. Nevertheless, you seem to think you can recognize a wrong solution before it’s even been tried.

Your Schadenfreude is showing.

Such contempt

Much condescension

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