Last Chance to Save 97% on the Ultimate Data & Analytics Bundle

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Oh my God! My last chance???


If you wait too long to buy this offer on perishable infinite goods you might have to buy it for 99% off when it comes back in a month or so :astonished:


So many last chances in the BB store!

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I hear those may be going away soon. This could be your last chance to buy a Last Chance offer at the Boing Boing Store!


No way! I’m holding out for 99.8% off on the VPN-equipped vape with extra cloud storage and no tech support!


It better have a money clip and folding key storage or no deal. :angry:



Really they should call it the Last Chance Store.


Oh, please, it’s not like this super special 97% off is actually just the regular price being hyped as a super, one time only discount. I mean it isn’t like this exact same deal has ever been offered before at this price…

"Boing Boing’s Store / 6:00 am Sat Sep 26, 2015"

Oh, never mind…

(To be fair, I guess that “97% off” a price nobody has ever paid bundle has been sitting in the Stack Social Store since September and they are finally going to pull it off the virtual shelves - until they put it back on under slightly different terms. Only 5 days left!!!)


Oh they do, do they? Poppycock and balderdash, I say!

I’m thinking someone could clean up as The They Corporation, providing quotes on demand, as They.

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Maybe last time they were selling it they should have called it the Penultimate Data & Analytics Bundle.

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Hadn’t thought of that. Seems like it might actually be redundant to advertise a “Last Chance” for an “Ultimate” bundle…

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