Last week on the colony: Monday, July 6

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I like the editorializing in this, as it’s more than “here’s the cool links you may have missed last week.”

Putting the Witcher 3 discussion of race into the larger context is vital - helps paint the larger picture of the movement for more variety in games and those who abusively oppose diversity on principle.

Also appreciate the opinionated take on the Totilo interview.

Looking forward to more reflections like this.


needs a better name :smiley:

I dunno, I kinda like the name. But I don’t think of it as “here’s what happened in the previous seven days.” I think of it as “this is the last week anyone will be on the colony.” Like they’re packing up their biodomes before the Reapers get here.

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This past week on the colony?

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This post made me hopeful I might find a fun game that was not a horrifying and disembodied experience in rationalized and sociopathic white male subjectivity.

The last game I enjoyed was Half Life 2 which waspartially a reward to myself for building a PC for the first time from components, including a then powerful Radeon graphics card. It was fun too to mark a milestone. And relief from an intense professional job. It never felt much like a grown-up activity though.

When I began trying to learn how to install and use Linux on my work computer, I gave up on the games — not from maturity — I couldn’t get them to run. And now … so many years have passed. Who knows?

Steam has a quite functional linux client and quite a few linux supported games. Since MSFT support pays the mortgage I can’t personally speak for how well it all works but I have heard good things.

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Thank you, @TobinL. I plan to succumb when the newly ordered Emperor Linux Thinkpad arrives.

as long as it is debian based distro you should be able to apt-get etc after adding the right repository and then dread the credit card bill at sale time.

Haha … I know it. Thank you. It’s Ubuntu so it should be fine. And per the OP, any suggestions for exploring off the beaten path? I used to love later versions of Civilization and Sim City though could not spare the time. Maybe there are different types of games now? I’ll need to start looking around. Thx again.

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