Lateral Thinking Puzzles


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Got the one about the 7 men instantly.

I enjoy this part of the show a lot. Sometimes they’re genuinely puzzling;others (like the German refugee trying to cross a bridge into Switzerland) I get almost immediately and feel embarrassed for the questioner.

also, great show all around. I listened to the episode about Lincoln’s son just last night.

A friend of mine introduced me to LT puzzles about 20 years ago. I haven’t heard the podcast yet, so they may have mentioned this one. The story goes, “A pale man frantically runs into a grocery store that he’s never been to before. He runs down the aisles, until he finds what he’s searching for - a can of cooked meat. He takes the can off the shelf, opens up a knife, and quickly cuts open the can. He hurriedly cuts off a piece of meat from the can, and puts it in his mouth, and chews it. Suddenly, the man relaxes, and a look of relief comes over him. He leaves the can on the shelf, pays the cashier, and calmly walks out. Why?”

I have heard alternate versions since then, where, after tasting what was in the can, the man uses the knife to cut his own throat, and dies. The puzzle of the backstory is the same, either way.

though I thought “got out of the car” and “couldn’t be bothered” were a stretch for the seventh man

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