Latest Federal Reserve figures show widening wealth inequality, and it's much worse if you're not white


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Why do these pieces never talk about black on black inequality?

(let me know if you saw through my effort at redirection).



And by all means please get that Tax Break for the 1% fast-tracked TGOP.


Matt Bruenig’s breakdown of the numbers paints a depressing picture of a world where the super-rich own it all and the rest of us knife each other for scraps and crumbs.



It’s almost as if marginal people are better off… not measuring or exchanging wealth via Federal reserve notes. Joining the end of a rigged game, is automatically a losing game.


Top 10% makes a nice graph, but the top 10% of income earns half of what the top 5% does and less than one quarter of what the top 1% earns. As income disparity grows, those gaps also continue to grow.



I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that despite slavery being outlawed, wealthy whites will continue to own the minorities some way or another.




I guess this is just the official wealth too, not all the money hidden away in tax shelters.

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