Lavabit, email service Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down




what email service is there to use now??


Almost certainly the result of a national security letter.


you reckon?


I do so wish people would just say “fuck it” and publicly reveal such requests, consequences be damned. That’s easy to say as someone not directly affected, sure, but there is a compelling need for civil disobedience in this area.


wouldn’t be just civil disobedience. easy to say if you want to live a non-life afterwards.



At this rate the US will be starting WWIII over him. They’ll already alienated half of Europe and South America and canceled a nuclear disarmament talk with Russia.


I. . . I just. . . I have no words.

Was Idiocracy a documentary?


Unfortunately, yes.


What we need is for this to somehow get traction in mainstream media. Tell the whole world that doing business in the US is a bad idea and back it up with more instances like this one. Eventually the lobbyists will get the idea and start bribing officials to curb this sort of thing.

Sad how I didn’t even think of grassroots efforts or Democracy when trying to solve this.


Worst fears confirmed.


“We laugh so we don’t cry”

Urelated, but any relation to XYZZY?


Capitalist democracy is really about making money in the private sector … OR SHUTTING THAT SHIT DOWN


Throw him some coin, already! ($5 x multitudes can really make a difference)



I had gone to Lavabit and checked it out - their FAQ said that their SSL certificate was a Comodo certificate as of February 2013, but the SSL certificate I was being presented was a GoDaddy certificate. I had set the system I was using to not trust any certificate authorities inherently, and drilled down the certificates I was served — by both their web server and by their mail server. I was fairly certain that something askew was going on.

I rather suspect that the US Government was behind the discrepancy.


Hushmail is not secure.


This is a donation-worthy cause. I sincerely hope my donation will get me on another NSA watchlist.


NSLs were declared unconstitutional by Judge Susan Illston of the district court for the Northern District of California a few months ago. (

Are there any legal types around who can explain what impact (if any) that has on the use of NSLs outside of the Northern District of California? I suspect it has no impact at all, but a boy can dream…


The clause that prevented them from being challenged in court was declared unconstitutional. The rest of the NSL still stands.