Leaked manual shows how US agencies put millions on "suspected terrorist" list


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I seem to remember posting recently:

If they reveal how haphazard, unreliable, politically and
racially motivated, and generally kafkaesque those sources
and methods are, they will look like tragicomic figures cut
from the film Idiocracy for not being plausible enough.

Totally called it. As did everyone else.


“people who damage government property”

Is that ‘property’ in the sense of a building or some kind of permanent structure, or in the sense of anything owned by Govt Inc? Could one get on The List™ by, for example, absently mindedly mangling a paper clip in the DMV waiting room?


Only if you have shovels and rakes and other implements of destruction in your camper van.


people who seek to “influence government policy through intimidation.”

Unlike influencing policy through unfair advantage, like for example corporate lobbying… Then , then you’re you are A OK a fucking hero.

When does the revolution start?


There! There! You see that? Terrorism!


How annoying, a contained ‘viewer’ that doesn’t have any downloads. Lets spelunk the page source, shall we?

Oh look, in here - https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1227228-2013-watchlist-guidance.js

Source Links:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1227228/2013-watchlist-guidance.pdf (144 MB)

https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.documentcloud.org/documents/1227228/2013-watchlist-guidance.txt (Crappy OCR-Esque error ridden text equivalent, but faster)

You’re welcome.


“Ever heard of Boing Boing?”
[ticks watchlist box]


Thanks! (for real)


I’m sure intimidation has been redefined as well, so that it includes anyone who criticises the practices of certain government agencies, for example. I bet the NSA is feeling really “intimidated” right now.


Given that this is all about inventing micron thin excuses… yes.


“terrorist” has been redefined to include “people who damage government property,”

Hell, even previous to 9-11, groups that had done nothing more (and threatened to do nothing more) than damage private property were put on the terrorist list (such as an eco-group that had torched some half-constructed buildings). Post 9-11, groups got put on the terrorist watch list for being pacifists. “Terrorist” means whatever the government wants it to mean.


I think pacifist groups have been watched closely for a long time. People with bombs are dangerous to other people, but pacifists are probably more dangerous to governments.


True, though somehow I don’t think that many groups have been explicitly labeled terrorist for threatening to not harm anyone.


I’m very please to know that corporations can now be classified as terrorists.


Interesting, “torture” is listed as a terrorist-identifying activity. Good thing that the CIA only uses “enhanced interrogation”, otherwise we might have a problem.


Yep, thanks for making that so easy. You saved me the five minutes of doing it AND shared with everyone else!


I’m sure all even vaguely self-aware CIA agents know that they government can and would label them a terrorist at any time if it suited them. I assume for the most part intelligence agencies are full of people who are terribly afraid of themselves.


Somebody just made the list…



Self-aware employees are a security risk. Do any of your colleagues show signs of self-awareness? Report them to your supervisor!