Leaked tax-haven data shows that the super rich are way, way richer than suspected


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/14/a-tax-on-tax-evasion.html


the super rich are way, way richer than suspected

Well that ain’t exactly a well kept secret these days.


the super rich are way, way richer than suspected

I dunno. I can suspect quite a bit.


I suspect quite a few things. Namely that these people are going to be have to be cooked on a nice rack on low heat for a while, as you do with fatty meats.


I have wondered if a good way to fight the rich is to “leak” info that their money is being used to fund terrorists. That would allow governments to seize the assets and freeze their accounts.

But then I remember I live in America and the terrorists are in control.


I have to take issue with the researchers assuming that because reported income is more equal in Norway, the under-reported income must be worse in other countries. The conclusion might be true, but seems to rest on circular logic. i.e. because the self reported income in Norway indicates income is more equal, the actual incomes must also be more equal. Without knowing more, we could just as easily assume Norwegians are bigger liars than other nationalities.

With evidence from other countries, it could be that Norway is still more equal compared to other countries. Maybe, maybe not. But assuming just seems bad science.


No true Norwegian would lie about that. Or was that Scotsmen? Or perhaps it was no true Norwegian would lie to a Scotsman. Or after having drunk Scotch; I can’t recall which.


In working a solution, one problem lies with fashioning/passing of legislation to address tax shelters: Almost all in the upper house of Congress are millionaires, and they so understand the super-rich.


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