Learn data analysis with this eight-course, 38-hour package of training

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/08/01/learn-data-analysis-with-this.html

A $1600 “value” for 35 bux! At 38 hours of instruction, that’s less than a dollar an hour tuition, or my ‘statistical’ business skills fail me. At a discount like that, one suspects the market has spoken?

The ad keeps going on about this Jeremy Achenbrenner guy like it means something. But according to the Goog, he doesn’t even seem to exist. Hm.

But hey, it’ll “put you in a position to get hired as a highly paid statistical mastermind.” A 38 hour course and I’m a mastermind! Damn! Does Betsy DeVos know about this? Sounds like her kind of thing.

The old Boing is looking more and more like the back page of a comic book. I’m waiting for the ex-ray glasses to show up.

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Might want to fix the title of this post - it’s listed as “Learn DATA ANALYSIS with this eight-course, 38-hour package of training,” yet all of the descriptions in the article seem to indicate this is about learning BUSINESS ANALYSIS - something completely different. In my experience, those two terms are not interchangeable.

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