Learn how to build 14 websites with this Complete Web Developer course


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So, by the time I’m building finished the 14th website, this knowledge will be obsolete?


The knowledge will be forcibly erased from your mind by expert application of a lead-filled baseball bat unless you pay the optional extended licensing fee, every month, on time, or else.


"Your portfolio is really causing my head to turn - quite uncomfortably, actually.

How did you do that? Did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night?"

Job Candidate:
"No, I grabbed lifetime access to The Complete Web Developer Course for just $14.99. By some happenstance it teaches telekinesis rather than web development.

Hire me now, or I’ll make your head turn even more…"


So what happens when you start on #15? Splosions? Gravitational collapse? Doctorow throws bananas at your house?


Do I get to pick the 14 websites that I get to build?


No, now row faster!



I don’t know… 14 seems like either way too many, or nowhere near enough…


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