Learn Raspberry Pi by building a robotic self-driving car with Python

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/18/learn-raspberry-pi-by-building.html

Looks nifty, but I expect something largely equivalent could be put together for a fraction of the cost, surely?

Yeah sure you could put it together more cheaply, but maybe not all that more cheaply. I mean you buy the pi board for, what is it now $35 and the wheels and the frame and the camera and the steering mechanism and the motor and the gearing and the battery and maybe some additional electronics and the wiring and probably more things that I dont know about. So you maybe you could source all that for… maybe $100, at a guess but what you are paying for here is having the right stuff so you can learn how to put it together. If you know about all the electronics and robotic control code, sure you should source the parts your self.

Hey has anyone tried this? Does it actually teach you how to do things like this or is it just a plug-this-in-to-that-and-load-this-code sort of thing?

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