Learn to test web apps faster and more efficiently with Selenium

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/10/learn-to-test-web-apps-faster.html

Selenium rocks! I personally never had need for the pay version, but they definitely deserve some $$$.

A long time ago, I started a company to test software, which few seemed to want to do. I had a fairly well-automated system driven by a Perl-like programming language and adaptable to almost any environment. However, I did not become rich and famous. It turned out that for testing large corporate projects, managers did not like independent companies, because for political reasons they want to control what the tests look at and how they come out. The situation becomes even more tricky if two companies want the software tested as part of an acceptance ritual; the seller may want to test reports to be much more favorable to the software than the buyer, or there may be factions in either party which are at odds. It was politically a tricky business. Of course, this may not matter in cases where the user is an individual or a small company and are basically on the same page about what they’re trying to do, as may generally be the case with the product here.

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