Learning piano is as easy as ABC (DEFG) with this new approach


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I bet it is if you’re only learning the C Major scale.


No, that would be A minor. And it’s not as easy as ABC.

Selling cheap piano lessons is as easy as ABC.


I find it hard to believe that Chopsticks was ever part of anyone’s actual lesson plan.


Whoever it is that writes Boing Boing ad copy very seldom seems to know what they’re talking about.


It’s unclear to me whether Stack Social (the actual marketing company behind branded stores on Boing Boing and many other websites) writes the copy, or makes it’s affiliates do it to leverage the SEO of all the different affiliate sites.


So, you learn two songs and “the fundamentals”. I’m not yet feeling revolutionized.


Every time I see “pianoforall” part of my brain reads it as “pianofall”.


I spent too much time playing Asylum on the TRS-80, I guess.


And it’s selling for 95% off of $199.99!
“Certification of completion included”!!!1!!

“Lifetime” is one of the squares on my BB Store bingo card, along with VPN, Twisty Blunt and “certified”. Also, any discount greater than 90%.


Keep it away from any Morris Marinas in the area.


I looked for Morris Marinas on eBay once, on the basis that a sleeper hot-rodded Marina would be fucking hilarious, and the damn things cost, like, 3 grand. You can get a decent Spitfire or MG for that money. Crazy.


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