Learning piano is as easy as ABC (DEFG) with this new approach

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I bet it is if you’re only learning the C Major scale.


No, that would be A minor. And it’s not as easy as ABC.

Selling cheap piano lessons is as easy as ABC.

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I find it hard to believe that Chopsticks was ever part of anyone’s actual lesson plan.


So, you learn two songs and “the fundamentals”. I’m not yet feeling revolutionized.

Every time I see “pianoforall” part of my brain reads it as “pianofall”.


I spent too much time playing Asylum on the TRS-80, I guess.


And it’s selling for 95% off of $199.99!
“Certification of completion included”!!!1!!

“Lifetime” is one of the squares on my BB Store bingo card, along with VPN, Twisty Blunt and “certified”. Also, any discount greater than 90%.

Keep it away from any Morris Marinas in the area.

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I looked for Morris Marinas on eBay once, on the basis that a sleeper hot-rodded Marina would be fucking hilarious, and the damn things cost, like, 3 grand. You can get a decent Spitfire or MG for that money. Crazy.

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