Legally binding "buzz-off" letters for debt collectors


Now we just need letters like that which we can send to Uncle Sam whenever he oversteps his bounds.

Maybe its just me, but in the picture it looks like the knife blade is upside down (as in the cutting edge is not on the finger making the cut).

Recently learned on the Internets: The most important thing about debt collectors is, if you have any doubt about the validity of the debt: Never send money, Never promise to send money. Sending any amount (even a token amount), or (amazingly) promising to pay to a representative who is most assuredly taping your conversation, restarts the statute of limitations clock on that debt. So, by paying or promise to pay, you have made an invalid or dubious debt now valid and collectable.

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wait a minute–are you trying to tell me that photo is staged!?
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sheeeeeit, man; i don’t even answer if i don’t have you saved into my phone.

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