Lego made some pieces that can't be pulled apart

I agree that this piece is the one you can’t take apart, and it’s the part that’s stuck.

But the reason it’s stuck is because the linear dimensio nof this axle is constrained entirely in a frame you can’t take apart. If the box frame were constructed, there’d be no issues.

Honestly, the more I look at it- The problem is probably just that green connector.
The 4L axle is held captive by the other connector. I don’t know what the green connector is doing other than adding more tension to eliminate the slop and make that pin tougher to pull out.

Why not replace that green connector with 2-3 of those bushes- then you could leave just enough space to collapse and move the thing.



A pin vise would do the trick for a small hole.

Or perhaps just CA on the end of a stick as a puller. ​It sticks to ABS relatively well but isn’t hard to shave off after. A little sanding and no one would notice the mark.

Or just attack the axle through the slot in the green piece a fine dental pick could walk that out contacting the recessed surface and leaving no functional damage.


I don’t think I have any sets with those stopped axles but what is the tolerance at the end like? Could get really fine point tweezers in there or craft a puller? (Assuming the axle doesn’t require a tone of force to remove which some do)

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I’m old enough to remembe remember the old waffle-back flats, and they were nigh impossible to disassemble.


The stopped axle end basically sits perfectly flush with the side of whatever the axle is going through. If it’s going through a brick, you can easily have a brick without a hole next to it.


We had a tool to separate those bricks.


Get rekt noobs - this is how you do it!

Side note: my almost 4 year old is starting to like Legos (original size?) and I’ve caught myself like 5 times taking apart the pieces with my teeth… she’s caught me each time AND asked me why I can put those in my mouth and she cannot… I can’t fault her logic - I just tell her that I’m dumb and hate my teeth(?)


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