LEGO stop-motion short film by 8-year-old girl animator


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Amazing! Great work :slight_smile:


A Wonderful Thing™!


Yes. We may soon be using this as “eye bleach” for whatever horrors will be visited on us next.



Lego chaser.


From the subject matter, I guess you might be Canadian. Try the National Film Board:

I don’t know if you have to be Canadian, maybe “Canadian content” is sufficient.


Yea, the special effects are all right, but that acting was terrible!


From IMDB (circa 2032):

”…even in her earliest works she addresses the big themes. 2017’s The Igloo goes straight to the core of human experience and takes on the very question of survival. With a naturalist’s eye, she documents the struggles of two minifigs in a featureless, white landscape. Unwavering, the camera watches as the little homunculi reach inside themselves for trust, and then out to one another to form a vital alliance against an inimical universe. All of human experience is laid bare as they labor, waist deep in the freezing drifts, to build the shelter they so desperately need.

Some critics have charged that the upbeat ending The Igloo is the result of her youth; that a more mature filmmaker would have looked to the great existential playwrights for an ending worthy of her premise, but I say that it is the candy glaze of optimism, of hope, that makes the otherwise pervasive despair of The Igloo bearable.“


I really like the light moving so consistently in the background. Kudos to the kid, the whole short was really well done. Please more stuff like this in the directory of wonderful things.:smile_cat:


I was gonna say the same thing. She didn’t seem to take a break!


My son did a few (8-9 years old):
Lego Mario:
The Pirate and the Sailor:

I helped him with sound effects, but he did all the animation.

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