Lemur demands backrub

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It’s a ring-tailed lemur (says everyone who has ever gone to a zoo).


Jarrod Diamond taught me that humans have only domesticated 22 species of anumal in all of human hiatory, compared to thousands of species of plants. It seems inevitable that gene splicing technology will one day be used to increase that number for animals. At which point, we’ll either see people clamoring for GMO labeling for pets, or humans will have been first on that list, and no one will care.

Is there any way to reintroduce lemurs to the wild? According to the Dr., catching baby lemurs and using them for the ‘cute’ trade results in lots of lemurs that can’t interact with other lemurs socially, but are abandoned once they aren’t babyriffic any more. One would think a rehab center of some type for lemurs that are no longer wanted by their owners/captors is a good idea, like other wild animals.


“Did I tell you to stop scratching my back, ape?”




It’s actually a fear response, Mark. They are torturing that poor animal because they think it looks cute.

Yeah, as we were watching this video, my sweetie and I both noticed an uncanny resemblance to our cats’ behavior.


I’m pretty sure that’s not a fear response. You might be thinking of lorises, which are completely different animals.

Does anybody know what’s with the weird invisible rectangles overlaid on the video? I’ve never seen that before.

Sorry, I forgot the /s :wink:

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I was on a date like that once.

Do you mean macroblocking? That’s an effect caused by dissimilar quantization values at the edges of the DCT in the compression pipeline.


No no there were great big buttons overlaid that took your browser to other videos. Driving up their traffic I guess.

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Oh, I was on mobile. So I didn’t see them.

On my PC I see what you’re getting at. And I’ve encountered it before.

It’s Youtube’s equivalent to spam. Just outlinking with “invisible” annotations that’ll send you who-the-fuck-knows-where, on relatively innocuous videos.

This is why I never touch anything but the controls in Youtube.

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Thank God it wasn’t Rick Astley.

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Thank paranoia I just didn’t click them and end up with ransomware.

I only click links that look “generally clean”

So, only Web pages ending in extensions that I understand. To domains I generally trust. Plus other rules I won’t divulge.

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Have you really not been paying attention to the presidential election?



Regular Adblock works on Youtube, but I think these gizmos are “annotations,” which it can’t screen.

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