Let's crawl inside a giant water balloon and fill it with water until it pops

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/19/lets-crawl-inside-a-giant-wa.html


“Oh no! Look at my knob!”


“It’s still June and more giant balloon”

Just fab.

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The rule 34 pervs are not using water, exactly.


Boing Boing’s wall-to-wall bidet coverage is getting weird, y’all.


there is nothing about this that seems like a good idea, except maybe for him getting undressed.

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Beautiful… just … a work of art. I’m lost for words.

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exactly, why would you need a bidet that covered an entire wall?!

“I popped it with my head!” I’ll bet. It’s pointy enough.

Is there any joy more pure than the that of the Slow-Mo guys when they are doing stupid stuff with Giant Balloons? I just sit a grin stupidly for the whole video – that joy is infectious.

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Rebirthing therapy FAIL.

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This headline is misleading, though technically correct.

(The best kind of correct.)

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