Let's Encrypt is actually encrypting the whole Web

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Why do they want the terrorists to win? Is it because they love child pornography, or just mail-order heroin?


I think this is the first “Let’s Encrypt” post that actually gives Mozilla equal billing with the EFF for a project Mozilla folks started (and do much of the work of running). Of course, the Wired article highlights this.


Let’s Encrypt has been an amazing turn of events for web security. Also, it has put a dent in the authorities who have been using certs as blank checks to fleece customers. I’ve been quoted $270 a year from comodo for a cert before.

I usually buy mine from www.sslcertificate.com for $10 a year, which is cheaper than buying from Comodo direct. That $270 might have included a dedicated IP address but that shouldn’t be more than $20-$30.

On that subject, there probably wouldn’t be enough IP(v4) addresses to go around if every site went https with a dedicated IP address but luckily browser support for SNI (which allows multiple https domains on a shared IP) is pretty good (almost everything apart from IE on XP).

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Should have specified that it included sub-domains. *.whatever.com style certs, also called wildcard certs are highway robbery.


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