Letter sent to Iceland farm with hand-drawn map instead of address gets there anyway

And yet, my postman can’t tell the difference between my house on 123 Street and the house with the same number on 124 Street. Oh, and last week they refused to deliver a package because my “box was blocked” (there was a car a few feet from it). The package was twice the size of my actual mailbox and was eventually left on my porch.


In retrospect he probably shouldn’t have used his home address as his assumed name when he was trying to travel incognito.


True. But he’s a burglar, not an undercover agent.

I heard of a letter sent to:
Victor Hasselblad
A man this famous doesn’t need an address


Apparently addressing by landmark is normal in Costa Rica outside the largest cities.

When I briefly worked as a postman (in the UK) I occasionally had to deliver badly addressed post- the usual way was to put them in the most accurate category possible, and see if any other items matched them.

So if a badly addressed letter arrived for sorting on the same day as a correctly addressed one, it might be delivered just as quickly- but it might have to wait weeks if no similarly addressed post arrived for sorting.


There was a Scottish Rail guidebook/schedule (that I’ve been trying to find a copy of - anyone?) from the late 70’s, which listed, in excruciating, gob smacking detail, how to get to everywhere in Scotland by rail, bus, and yes, a ride with the postman.

Something mailed here could reach me if it had the zip and a picture of our dog (our mailman trains dogs as a hobby).

OTOH, we can’t get mail delivered properly to my kid in Chicago even if we register it; according to the Chicago postal people, it gets redirected to a place called “I have no idea”.

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