Beautiful, illustrated vintage Wisconsin postcard


Always wanted to eat a Rutabaga in Sheybogan.

Boy howdy…that state has everything! Cheese (of critical importance)…honey and pork and fish and badgers and Native Americans AND maple syrup? Count me in.

My state has drought, earthquakes, Google glasses and Hantavirus. Our cheese is valid at least…that counts for a great deal in my book. But besides pro sports I know little of our compatriots and adversaries up North…the postcard makes it look like a veritable paradise.

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How does Shawano get a dot but Hayward doesn’t?!

Bonus points if you can pronounce Shawano as the locals do.

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Beer is the only thing we have in Milwaukee. THE ONLY THING.


Fun fact: watertown has a goose there because they used to be famous for making foie gras there.

Huh, the town I grew up in actually got a dot. I’m honestly kind of surprised. No one ever remembers Marshfield.

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But there is no picture of a commercial ice maker next to Manitowoc!

And their “big rock that kind of looks like an old man’s face” is still intact! Take THAT, New Hampshire!

The judges would have also accepted a big crane.


Is “house on the rock” on there?

it was featured in a Neil Gaiman novel.
And looks like a wonderful attraction…complete with sky walk area and evil carrousel.

You know, I was looking a the little pictures so much I totally failed to notice that the actual outline of the state looks like it was drawn by someone who had only heard third-hand descriptions of the shape of Wisconsin.


Fish, Peas, Shoes near the western border. What was Freud trying to suggest here ?

Beloit but no Janesville. Sorry, Paul Ryan.


WI: We’ve got everything! Including Native Ameican Stereotype Village!

The House on the Rock is absolutely worth the trip. It’s like someone built out their dreamscape on the side of a bluff. I’ve been twice, once as a child and once as an adult, and the more recent trip was even weirder and more wonderful than the first.


I’m sure that when Ryan becomes POTUS, he’ll more than make up for the oversight with a giant Ayn Rand statue in the middle of downtown Janesville.

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I do! Kind of a PITA to get to Stevens Point from Minneapolis without driving through Marshfield.

Marshfield: On the way from Somewhere to Somewhere Else

This post card is still for sale in some tourist shops in WI