Canada is Cool


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A Canadian won the GOP Iowa Caucus last night. So they got that going for them.


Keeping this for future Donaldings!

  1. You lost me at Beebs.
  2. This would certainly not be the way to display most of the things that actually make Canada cool.


I wonder who we have to give up in order to get Canada to take back Justin Bieber and Ted Cruz?
Probably at least 2 A-list celebrities and Minnesota.


Throw in Wisconsin and Michigan and its a deal!


Vermont. They’re pretty much Canadians anyway.


Kind of only interested in the Great Lakes region… I suppose if you want us to take back Celine Dion we could take Vermont as well… I’ll have to ask the council tho


single-serving website…

That’s clever.
How’s that working out for you?


Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, you have a “Progressive” candidate whose policies would be considered center-right in Canada (or centre-right as we’d say here), and a “Radical Socialist” whose policies would be considered center-left.


I always said Obama and Harper were closer together politically than apart.


Done and done!


What an odd set of choices.


Tsk. Ontario-centric. I don’t think Québec ever entirely lost Céline - she still occasionally puts out French material.

I grew up watching (among other channels) WPTZ Plattsburgh/Burlington/North Pole . It was amazing how much they boosted the signal - could pick it up in Pointe-Claire with rabbit’s ears. If you paid attention to the advertising, however, it wasn’t surprising that they would do so: Québec, and specifically Montréal, was probably their largest single market. Bringing Vermont in would simplify business, I’m sure, and it would probably make life easier for a few towns (e.g., Beebe, QC / Beebe, VT).

Besides, Bernie is *well-*supported in Vermont, and he is essentially American NDP. They’d fit in well.


Nice try. Half your A-list celebrities are Canadian anyway. We need the money they send home.

We might be able to work out a deal for Ted Cruz. I’m pretty sure he’d be rendered harmless anyway up here. He and Stockwell Day could sit around and swap stories about the old days. I’m sure I speak for my fellow Canadians, though, when I say that we draw the line at Bieber.

Minnesota sounds okay. Throw in Colorado and we can talk.


Nah, I’m still holding out for Vermont - Stowe, Jay Peak… As pretty as Colorado, but much more convenient.


Hold on there, Missy. I understand your wish to complete the Great Lakes set, but I’m not about to let those Yankee slickers take advantage of our trusting nature to stick us with Detroit.


I would gladly throw in Colorado. It would mean we finally get rid of all those crazies in Colorado Springs. Please take Bryan Fischer and Focus on Family off our hands. :smiley:

But we must give back the Beebs.


But we could fix it! Just think of all the things we could do with an empty city!!

Ok, if not Michigan, what about North Dakota? They won’t miss that one at all!


Okay, how about we take Bieber if he agrees to live only in the Province of Colorado? Also, the US must not block immigration of any residents of the former State of Colorado who prefer not to remain in our new, pro-choice, LGBT2Q-friendly, single-payer-health-care province.