Trump commands anyone who is not a "Christian conservative" to identify themselves


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He lacks a certain tact.


His own daughter will have to raise her hand–she’s an Orthodox Jew.


But why? Why do christian conservatives like Donald Trump? I don’t understand.


Simple answers. Facts be damned. Someone else’s will proclaimed and enforced.


Isn’t Christian conservative an oxymoron?


Samantha Bee has a good summary:

But, in short, one of the defining cultural expressions of the American Evangelical movement of the last half-century has been white nativism and xenophobia, and Trump is pushing all of their Pavlovian buttons.


Remember, this is a guy who bragged during the debate that he allowed Jews into the country club he opened in 1997. And he was photographed next to Muslim athletes Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (even if he later forgot about their existence).

Just a picture of inclusion, Trump.


I wish I knew. I was raised in that subculture and 20 years ago Trump, if he was mentioned at all, was always regarded as everything “worldly” due to his personal life and stake in casinos, etc.

I don’t get it.


Those that I know, don’t.

But a lot of them are voting for him anyway… in most cases because they’ve demonized Hillary Clinton, and can no longer see that she’s far closer to their point of view, religiously, than her opponent.

Also keep in mind that the out-of-work, frustrated rural folk who want anybody other than a “Washington insider” are mostly white christian conservatives. Their connection to the Republican candidate is not religious, it’s economic.


He’s not a Democrat.


Is nothing good enough for you people? He did say that the few who didn’t put up their hands could stay! And they’re welcome to stick around, as long as they continue to support him or until they’re purged from The Party.*


  • Trump 2016!


My understanding is, they don’t really like him, but they vote for him strategically.

They know he’s lazy and stupid, and is not going to write any of his own policy. He’ll subcontract that out, just like he subcontracts out architecture and construction jobs as a developer. And, as a Republican, he’ll be on a tight leash w.r.t. who he’s allowed to sub out to - basically, right wing think tanks.

And unlike architects and construction firms, they don’t even complain when they don’t get paid.


More usually, just a regular moron.


Extreme cognitive dissonance, combined with their own special brand of hypocrisy.


I believe you have won the Internet for today…


Well, the NY Times today has an article describing just the opposite (paywall link).

Although I have very little sympathy for evangelical xtians, I have to give credit to those who at least recognise (for once) that the Republican party is not on Jebus’s side. If they’re going to use their “religious beliefs” to shit on me, it’s some consolation that they at least reject an overt antichrist figure like Trump on the same grounds.


If any such people mean to complain about how Trump isn’t an acceptable Christian candidate, and then still vote for him, then they really can go fuck themselves to death.


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