Letter to the Editor




And would make a fucking awesome T-shirt.


I’m sure he will be missed terribly


Fuck racists who want black and brown people to just let themselves be murdered quietly.



Well, he did bring it on himself.


If this person didn’t write in then I would have not known about that awesome pixel image on the contact page.

The Pasta Works in Mysterious Ways.


I miss the old Boing Boing very much too… I was younger and more handsome then. I wish I could go back and spend less time on the internet. Alas.


Gawd, they are such a bunch of whiny ass titty babies…


What did this guy actually say to get banned? From over on this side of the pond, the impression we get is that in a fucked up place, where mostly white cops harass and kill mostly black and mostly innocent citizens, more of the same happened, but in this case, possibly more by luck than judgement, the cop was in the right. Over here we generally don’t trust our cops with guns, which is mostly good, but that probably wouldn’t work out so well there.

Am I missing something?



Blaming the victim. Saying someone deserved to be shot because they did [something other than stay at home with the doors locked]. It’s expressly forbidden in the forum rules, because it’s one of the most disruptive and hateful kinds of speech. You just don’t do it.


I have always been uncomfortable with the terms Social Justice Warrior and Politically Correct, because they seem to just be ways to make fun of doing the right thing. It seems to me that fighting for justice and equality is good, and making up a mocking term for the people who do that, even if they are being irritating, is wrong. Likewise, political correctness, as I understand it, is simply acknowledging that words have power, and we can use that power to build people up and support one another, or we can use the power of words to be hurtful. Moreover, political correctness asks us to take people’s word for it. So if someone says “I prefer First Nations to Native American” If I am polite I take their word for it and try to correct my language. When did being polite and decent and thoughtful become something to mock?


Speak for yourself. To me it looks like one guy who happens to be employed as a cop, making a HUGE mistake in his work which has had the effect of another person losing their life and then the first person doing everything in his power, and getting support of many others with far more power to do everything they can to allow him to get away scott free.


I don’t know, seems to me the person who wrote the letter may have a point. I didn’t see his original post, but if it is as he claims, and he didn’t use any derrogatory terms or racist inflamatory comments then why WAS he banned?

A bit of discussion never hurt anyone.


I haven’t been banned (yet), but I have had comments deleted. I definitely post here less and with much shorter comments than I used to. I’m not going to spend a half-hour carefully composing a comment only to have it disappear with the jerk of a knee.


Victim-blaming isn’t a “discussion.” It’s a denial of discussion. A denial that there’s anything to discuss. Any problem that needs to be addressed or changed.


Have some Addams Family applause. Because I just can’t like your post as many times as I want to. :smiley:


It’s easy: obey the rules you agree to when you sign up!



Be cool. Don’t post insulting, bullying, victim-blaming, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks.



I once got banned from BB for (and I quote) “Fantasizing about being banned”. By Beschizza himself, no less. Of course, I wasn’t fantasizing, I was referring to an older commenting system, but Beschizza jumped the gun and banned me for mentioning it. I thought it was a pretty lousy thing to do. And he’ll probably ban me again for repeating it.

So even though the guy doing the victim blaming is definitely a giant douche, I do see his point about the propensity of BB to ban people they disagree with, having been there myself (more than once).

And that’s kind of douche-y all on its own.


These body cameras are first generation. I think we will see a progression to police uniforms that have multiple cameras pointing many directions built into them and police cars that also are bristling with cameras. Also, when a police officer is suspecting someone in a public place, the officer will have multiple tiny drones that will be deployed to look at the suspect and the officer and the surrounding area and there will be no need to physically run after a suspect–the drones will give chase.

The public will be witness to many confrontations on video and there will be lots of discussion about standard (and nonstandard) police procedures and what changes we as a society would like to make. We will witness officers handle stress well and officers lose their temper. We will witness the same from the people who interact with the police. We will all become better informed and better able to constructively contribute to a national–make that international dialogue about what happens when police interact with us. It will be contentious but the exercise will be worth it.