Levenger's L-Tech 3.0 Stealth, a serious fountain pen

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Is this one of those pens that doubles as a self-defense weapon?

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It feels like it should, but it just writes (unless you add the stylus stuff.)

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I wouldn’t want a black one, even if I could afford $89 for a pen. It would be prettier with the brass showing, and a brass one would reveal any spilt ink or other mess before it got on anything else.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh? Just don’t drop it in the dark!

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If you’re impressed with the fact that you didn’t get ink all over your hands, you really need to rethink your priorities. And why does this review remind me of something else?

The pen is also quite heavy! Not so heavy as to be annoying or oppressive, but the pen is certainly present at all times.

I’m glad to hear that the pen manages to remain within our plane of existence at all times.


The black ink is invisible on the pen. As I write with it, it feels as if the lines on the paper are not ink but the pen itself.

It’s mesmerizing.


Until someone reports back on how effective this is for plunging into the jugular of a worthy foe, I’m not buying shit.

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looks a lot like my old Rotring

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I am thinking of buying a bottle of red ink. I think it may look amazing while writing.


The rotring 600! Wanted one of those, ended with a 700 instead. Love it, and use it to this day!

may I suggest…

This is not actually that expensive for a presumably quality pen. I bought my Rotring 700 back in the early 90’s for about the same amount, and have used it since. Something something, investing $ in good tools is never a waste of $ or something like that…

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Its all a matter of personal preference. There is no way to explain to someone who loves their Bic why anything more than $1 is worthwhile to spend on a pen. It writes, whats the big deal? Right?

Pens, watches and glasses are wonderful items of self expression, in my book. While extremely useful, and in many cases necessary, they can be accessories as well as tools.


You want a proper red, like the blood of your enemies? Diamine Red Dragon. None redder.

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True, and an apt comparison would probably also be someone’s choice in cars.

My point I guess, is that while many people are satisfied with their Bic/Kia, there are a lot of people who prefer say, a BMW, Lexus, or Mercedes. And then there are the folks who drive Ferarris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc…

Pens like this are probably the BMWs of the pen world. There are certainly the Ferrarri Enzos out there as well… (so maybe the post isn’t really similar to a review of a $7500.00 speaker cable…)

And then there’s this…


Yes - the Rotring 600. Thank you, could not remember the number. I got mine in the early 90s and retired a satin stainless steel Mont Blanc Noblesse I had used for years. I liked the Noblesse because it was more modern looking than MBs other pens, but the Rotring looked like a piece of technical equipment. It had that “Tactical” vibe before Tactical was even a vibe.

Sailor does a bloody good one as well.

Sailor Oku-yama.

If I could get it in brass, it just might replace my Namiki Vanishing Point. Maybe.

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