Library Socialism: a utopian vision of a sustaniable, luxuriant future of circulating abundance

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An anarchist friend put me onto the Srsly Wrong podcast, and it’s become one of my favourites. They have a good-hearted, expansive vision and are also very funny; I really like the way they’ll have a serious discussion about something and then cut to a skit set in their imaginary utopia called Wrongtopia about how the idea might play out well or badly.

I particularly like the library socialism vision, for its simplicity and intuitive appeal, but another of my fave episodes is Misanthropy is a death cult.


I work in a public library and nodded my way through your writeup. As we’re adding makerspaces and Libraries of Things, the usufruct idea is exactly how we operate. Unfortunately it will be a while before I can delve into the podcast.


Yep! Academic librarian here, in an area with a pretty serious digital divide. We’ve been lending laptops and tablets for a while now, and have started looking into lending mobile hotspots. A lot of our students do homework on their phone, but lack a decent data plan to do things like watch streaming videos or stay connected for an exam. It’s very distressing to hear that students are doing their homework in a motel parking lot because that’s the only place in their (remote) community that has free wireless.


It took me a while to figure out why this street I pass through on my way from the station to my home often has people sitting in parked cars, always in front of the casino. I was suspecting sketchy business but then I noticed there was free WiFi in the casino and it suddenly made a lot more sense (This is in the Netherlands where we are ranked 20th in the world, with 93% of people having a internet connection. But some of those people are probably on metered mobile data that sometimes runs out)


Okay, fine, I’m adding another podcast to the list of podcasts that I can get behind on. This does sound excellent though, and it feels like something I should have been spending my life doing, rather than just finding out about now when I’m old and tired.

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