Lichens never looked more beautiful than they do in this short film about a curator of lichens at the University of California


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Most excellent.


Gorgeous photography of a tiny world I wish I could visit.



Genuine lol.

But really, that was some gorgeous footage. I so wanted to be a microbiologist. Alas, I became an animator. Maybe one day.


Alice Algae and Freddy Fungus took a Lichen to one another and now their marriage is on the rocks.



I’m lichen all of them!


He’s a lichenologist? Does that mean he turns in to a werewolf?


It isn’t difficult so long as you can find somewhere with clean air and plenty of suitable rock. This one was taken on the Long Mynd, Shropshire. Other good places are the English Lakes. We have too much pollution from Bath to get really good ones here, though. It isn’t a very good picture but the rock is covered in different lichens; at least 5 different species are visible. Grass on left to give an idea of scale.

Nothing so innocuous. Once a month he turns into an evil fungus/algae symbiont that can chew its way through rock that would cause a werewolf to break its teeth.


Particularly liked the Okinawan themes of the ending music. Fit perfectly. The filmmaker’s earlier film The Diatomist is a long-time favorite of mine as I had wanted to pursue that hobby as a kid but could never afford the optical gear.

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