Lionsgate accused of abusing YouTube's contentID system to remove criticism of its movies


You don’t have a 10 yr old do you.


I love that about you.

2] You don’t have a 10 yr old do you.

I had one, but he kept growing up, and then you know college and stuff.


I feel like that is all he watches is YouTube videos. Vids of people playing games. Vids of game reviews. Vids of rants.


There’s a song in there, I believe.


You’re on a site that monetizes commentary on other content, just like reviewers do.


How is that different from Siskel & Ebert. Or any other critic in another medium? Complaining that someone on YouTube shouldn’t make a living reviewing something or making content seems like a double standard. I don’t watch that kind of content myself but I do watch a ton of stuff that’s native to YouTube


Too bad the new Hellboy will be -according to the trailer in question - bland, re-hashed lovelessly designed and boring. Seriously, I couldn’t wait for the trailer to be over with when I watched it.

I imagine there being a bargain bin at Walmart and it’s filled to the brim with ‘Rebooted franchises that no one cared for at all’:
Three copies of Robocop (2014) for a dollar? Now that’s a bargain!’


Would you buy that for a dollar?

(Was that guy even IN the reboot?)


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