Game reviewer learns how to make big corporations fight each other on YouTube


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Game reviewer learns how to make big corporations fight each other on YouTube

To the death, and that has my vote.




Well this is the most amusing thing I have read today so far.


Bloody well serves them right (if they’re going to be assholes about it).
eta: Copyfight!!


My friends say this is my answer to EVERYTHING.

They aren’t wrong…


That flag he’s standing in front of has me a bit… uneasy.


Is this the right place for the word “disruptive?”


Maybe I’m not understanding, but isn’t this the result of the video holders setting their content to “not monetized” so it’s really that they didn’t all try to monetize it, just one did and was prevented by the others. A clever work around, but only because some rights-holders decided not to monetize in the first place. No?


I wonder if a person can insert a clip of something that they own and would have ContentID for along with clips from Nintendo (or anyone else) and take immediate action when uploading and taking dibs on the monetization. If this is not possible then maybe have someone like the EFF provide a clip that people can use in order to achieve the same thing this guy did.


I was initially cheered by this, but then I realized: this is only going to work until YouTube starts allowing every single corporate entity that lays claim to any part of the video to each monetize it by either each putting their own ads in the video or by forcing YouTube to enact a system of revenue splitting from forced monetization. (The video creator will be left out of the monetization, of course.) You know it’s going to happen.


At last. The scramble suit incorporate.


Two men enter, one man leaves.


Never thought I’d read about Jim Sterling on BoingBoing but yeah, he’s pretty great. True Mutant material.

One of his most recent segments on “crunch time” should resonate with anybody involved in software development.


I listen to Jim every Monday after he posts his latest video. Some of the stuff I don’t agree with it, but he seems to call shit as shit. Plus with a Patreon setup, he’s not beholden to any of the game companies or ‘review’ sites.


He is totally channelling Charlie Brooker…


The BBS needs a new badge: Fair Use Wizard. Jim Sterling is the first recipient, will be the only honorary recipient, and should receive the badge cast in bronze altered slightly to read “Fair Use Grand Wizard”.


What about Kotaku’s own “Highlight Reels”? They have multiple games from multiple corps every episode. Could they employ a similar dodge, I wonder?


Pitting greedy chumps agin one another is great, but every time I read the word “Kotaku” this happens;


Easiest legal system in the world. Law school in Bartertown takes 30 seconds. Only 2 rules:

  1. Two men enter, one man leaves
  2. Break a deal, spin the wheel.