Youtube and Nintendo conspire to steal from game superfans


I find a certain amount of schadenfreude in watching a struggling company, which survives on the nostalgia of a dedicated fanbase, alienate the people most devoted to saving it.


Uh, huh…


Is there no alternate site without such ass-backward policies? Or a way to self-host? (ie. hosted elsewhere with other ad networks for funding)

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I would agree that Nintendo is struggling.

But it’s a strange situation for a company that has 15 Billion dollars in cash reserves (at least as of a year ago):

This is what happens when you have to please your corporate masters, be they shareholders or private equity. You have a runaway hit, and the revenue targets are forever sent skyward. Dropping down to previously acceptable levels then causes these and other desperate measures. Did anyone else see the Mercedes product placement in the new MarioKart?

I am witnessing this same trend with a company I used to work for, which I still have many friends that work there.

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If there are little to no penalties for making a false dmca claim why do people not continuously do it to the companies that practice this? File notices against official videos by these companies. If youtube does not take down the video or immediately puts it back up or does anything different than how it handles everyone elses video then you have evidence that youtube is conspiring with these companies against people.

If the company takes you to court just use that disclaimer to protect yourself or as the court why they are allowed to do it and not you.

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I guess the lesson here is to avoid promoting Nintendo at all costs.


Correction: There are little to no penalties for “major corporations” making false DMCA claims. And YouTube just ignores any claims made against those companies from smaller entities, I’m sure.

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Then make a corporation or other such company, with website and everything. Few wiki articles about it and unless they look deeper it would look like a real company and in fact according to the law it is.

Post take downs and if they are ignored that can be used against youtube in future court actions. Its all about showing that youtube favors companies over its user base.

Best thing about doing it as a company? If it gets hot just liquidate the company that’s why they are limited.


Youtube is currently the leader in terms of traffic, ease of use and allowing its videos to be embedded off site. Vimeo is the only other service coming close, and they specifically don’t allow this type of video game content. Though a lot of the more well known or established content makers are moving to a Patreon model and dropping Youtube’s ad monitization and Google ads from their websites. There’s not much that can beat the ubiquity and reach that Youtube provides though.

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I think I’m going to start making “Let’s Read” videos where I read books to people followed by “Let’s Watch” videos where people can watch me watch a movie :joy:

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There are “little to no penalties” for large companies. For individuals they can be ruinous.

This is because the penalty is simply suing the false filer for damages suffered due to the takedown. An individual has a harder time proving actual losses, putting them in a less certain situation for payout even if they win, and it has to go to court which means also paying out of pocket for their lawyers in the first place, and the other lawyers if they lose. Corporations have all the advantages in the fight regardless of which side of it they’re on, which is why so few fight them and why even fewer would dare to falsely claim against them.

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Sounds like it’s high time for series of review videos that simply bash all Nintendo games without images of said games. I call it, “Let’s make you regret this.”



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Firstly: Nintendo is not struggling. They’re struggling to make a massively successful console for gamers, but the Wii U is anything but a flop, considering they’ve sold 9 million of the things since Nov '12. This is compared to Xbox One’s 11m units since Nov '13. As caryroys pointed out they have a lot of cash in reserve. If they were to even just invest that in something with a modest interest rate then they’d make more money than their competitors. They are not “struggling” in the regular sense of the word.

Secondly: fuck you Nintendo.[SNES]Super_Nintendo_Games_Collection[765_ROMS]___Snes9x_1.53[N64]Nintendo_64_Games_Collection[276_ROMS]___Project64_1.7

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Well considering audiobooks are incredibly popular you’d probably do ok with the first idea. As for the second idea, so long as you kept with the spirit of Let’s Plays and were offering commentary on the movie you’d again be offering something that’s already proved popular in the form of RiffTrax.

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