Nintendo continues copyright crackdown on YouTubers posting gameplay footage

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This guy started getting strikes after he posted a video of a mod that added multiplayer to Zelda. There are bigger channels who have been posting videos of Mario multiplayer mods for years who have not been affected.

There are theories that the new Zelda coming out next month will have multiplayer so maybe Nintendo is worried this guy’s videos will interfere with their upcoming marketing campaign, and Nintendo always like to solve things with legal threats.

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I know a guy who’s whole public biz is making and selling mame machines in full size arcade cabs.

The copyright infringement judgements from one machine would probably stagger the economy of a small country. He sells hundreds a year at 18-22 hundred bucks.

Nintendo could go after these actual pirate game code types and no one would be surprised. Going after gameplay footage? Just super shitty. The only thing that ever had me wanting a recent Nintendo product is gameplay footage.

Why do they hate their customer base so much?


This has always been Nintendo’s policy. They do the same for the smash bro’s; they shut down all of the tournaments that had mods.

So, honestly, not surprised.


Weird. I buy games in part based on how many walkthroughs there are for it. I want to have fun, not spend 20 hours trying to beat a mid-level boss. I’ll give it a couple tries then off to the walkthroughs and cheat codes I go.

As others have already said, this will disincentivize me from buying more Nintendo games.


I don’t play Nintendo or other console games, but I can definitely say that gameplay footage was a strong influence on many of my Steam purchases. Satisfactory, SnowRunner, 7 Days to Die, Oxygen Not Included, Slime Rancher and more. All because I saw footage of someone else’s game! Some of these are ones I never would have considered playing, but seeing that two minute clip drew me in and brought me some of my top favorites. Back off, Nintendo!


Something has changed at Nintendo in the past couple of years because they started going after everyone. After not caring about Internet Archive for a decade or more, they suddenly went after them to take down everything Nintendo related.

My guess is that, like many companies, they got a new head of legal who is treating it as a revenue stream. Apple and Google, for example, do a lot of this- suing each other over bullshit patents and such because it’s a non-trivial source of revenue when done aggressively, and with in-house counsel overhead is low.

It’s similar to how IKEA suddenly went after IkeaHacker, despite being perfectly happy with them existing for 15 years prior to that day.

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