Nintendo claims ownership over fans' Minecraft/Mario mashups

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It’s gotten so that every time I hire a plumber I end up paying Nintendo, although the worst part was having to listen to that music the whole time he was replacing the toilet.


Are there no depths to which Nintendo won’t plumb?

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Well, they do seem to think there are random deposits of gold coins underground that you can collect by just walking into them, so they’ll probably keep digging (or dugging?).


Sad that Nintendo has come to this.

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Are we attributing this to malice, or to stupidity? Because it sounds to me like this is a case of overzealous automated algorithms, not intentional copyright trolling by Nintendo.

Lesson: Do not be a Nintendo fan.

From the NES to to the N64 I was a die hard Nintendo fanboy and have since held them in high regard from a distance, but their behavious towards their fans is increasingly appalling. Fan made videos are a great way to acquire free hype and general awareness, they don’t even need to pay them to make the videos. It’s a win win situation that they want to greedily turn into a win win win.

Nintendo? Disappoint-o.

Super Shame-io bros.

Erm… Zelda: A Link To The Unauthorised Content

And, uh…
Mari-u Kant
Metroid Payme
Donkey Kong Controlfreak


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Donkey Wrong!

That’s all I got.

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