Glitch Runs of Super Mario World

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Wow… 47 episodes! This guy is seriously committed to Super Mario World.

And as he mentions, there are whole user communities built around SMW–hell, I devoted a substantial portion of my life to playing that game. In fact, for me, SMW set the standard for being a game that could be enjoyed repeatedly.


I still play SMW with my kids, sometimes on original hardware.


Why? I just don’t understand why game companies and the like flat-out attack their most devoted fans who give them the best publicity? It’s like when Harry Potter Inc tried to squelch all the fan sites. At least, that time, Rowling intervened. Is there a name for this phenomenon?


Every day after school, NES Mario Bros for a solid 2 to 3 hours with friends. Before NES, we used to hit up the arcade after school because all we had at home were old school Atari and my Apple, which I did a lot of stuff on, but couldn’t play 2-player games that easily. But when NES came out we just played that and saved our quarters. I probably spent 3,000 to 4,000 hours playing Mario Bros, over a lifetime.

Time wasted? I THINK NOT.


Yes: “Corporate assholery”


Seems like the buried lede here. The enormousness of the speed-running and twitch communities is a bit boggling, and I think people’s right to perform in these games ought to be stronger than the publisher’s right to prevent non-corporate depictions and use.

Rights be damned - making your fans happy is profitable. Profitable, you hear that, suits?

My son used to have a channel for speed-running Portal, and tells me he holds some records and has fans and so forth. I’ll never understand.


It’s sad. That’s because it used to be a “thing.” In the 80’s it was BIG DEAL and on NATIONAL TELEVISION to beat PacMan or Donkey Kong. Remember the TV show, “That’s Incredible!”?

Incidentally, I’ve played the famous, highest scoring Donkey Kong machine at Weirs Beach. The buttons are all fucked up and they won’t fix it. Bastards. But I did pump a token into it and noodle for a while until I got tired of having to hit jump two or three times to get it to actually jump.


Guy’s uname is nathanisbored, so there you go.

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