Parents upset about Super Nintendo

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I love how massive hardware upgrades are dismissed as “marketing tricks.”


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Parents are lame. Wait, I’m a parent now. . .but I won’t be lame, right guys? Guys?


I’ve had long hair lots of times. I felt that I had missed out on the glam rock hair style for men era by a few years.

But darn if that hair style on women isn’t so evocative for a time and place for me. Like from junior high to well into university. And I had never noticed that that style left.

But now when I see it in media … it really stands out how I haven’t seen it much in real life for a long time.

Also I have no idea what it feels like to have that amount of hair and that amount of product in my hair at the same time. It looks as comfortable as 1980s shoulder-pad-all-the-things but on one’s head.

I’m going to have to grow out my hair again, and then get a RATT/Bon Jovi hair style because I have the intrigues to see what is involved in jammin’ that quoff for a day.


Ah, the old “… and you can’t mix and match” argument.

One of the many (ridiculous) reasons I wasn’t permitted to buy an NES back in the day was because it wouldn’t accept Atari carts. Which I also didn’t own.


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This makes me want to dump my latest-gen for an SNES, man Super Mario World and F-Zero still look awesome. If only they had Ms. Pacman I might make the jump.

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But MOM, these have got 16 bits!


“But have things gone a bit too far?” asks the reporter with that legendary hair poof.


Well sprayed.


Waiting for a car that runs on jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, wood pellets, or stale beer. I wouldn’t want these marketing scams to lock me into one kind of fuel.


Man, even though it was a financial stretch, we bought the kids that SNES the first Christmas that it was available.

Totally worth it, no matter what my mom said.


Huh, at some point Super Mario World was also Super Mario Bros 4.
And I just did a Google and apparently that’s how it released in Japan:

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And Final Fantasy IX and Super Mario 64 still look good as well, which is about the most coherent thing I can say on the subject of retro games that don’t look dated. “It’s not the size, it’s how you use it” applied to art design and limited mediums.

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What’s with the reporter hair? Was it ozone-hole-causing-spray, or is there something about Mary, lol. About Sega, I do not get Sonic, better graphics, but you have to move so fast, what’s the point ? Even on this gen consoles, I still have more fun with Nintendo. Parents should of stopped it back then, is too late now. Jejejeje.

Seriously, this made me palpably upset. I was seven when the SNES was released, same age my oldest son just turned, and the idea that Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Donkey Kong Country 2, and all the rest of these classics were just “marketing tricks” and not timeless pieces of interactive imagination just makes me want to yell at these parents. They are spending way more on the therapy sessions that probably scarred their kids for their whole childhood than the system cost! My son still loves these SNES era games today even though we also have current systems. I have many interests beyond gaming and always did as a child, as well, but my life would have been so much less adventurous and fun without these games when I was a kid. Sharing them with my little boy now is an even bigger joy than playing them as a child myself. I loved how he would ask me “Did you play this game when you were a kid?” about some game that came out the year he was born when he was younger, it was so sweet. But his enjoyment of Super Mario World is proof that these games have always been something special: he’s far from the only kid today who still sees the magic in these games.

Just because Nintendo were great at marketing doesn’t mean that’s all that their products consisted of. The woman who brings up “peer pressure” breaks my heart, too. Why couldn’t these parents understand that their kids just wanted to go on safe yet thrilling adventures in a world of unending imaginative bliss?

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Is that hair?

All the comments about the hair… You’re making me feel old :sob:

The grim and/or ironic epilogue is the number of people who were panicked parents against Nintendo then; and are now busy mainlining facebook’s finest chum, while their children wonder how to get them to do something less overtly concerning, now.

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