Rumor: Nintendo planning SNES Mini

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Great. Something else that will sell out in seconds that I’ll never get.



After the Wii shortages.

After artifically making the Miis scarce in NOrth AMerica (but not Europe supposedly.)

After the NES Mini being all but impossible to find because a store would get maybe… two (out of an order of twenty.)


They had their chance. They’ve proven time and again they either willfully or through sheer stupidity don’t want to make enough numbers to meet demand, through which scalpers will come in and happily take a five hundred percent markup for the thing you want.

So No. Zero interest… At all.


And they just announced the Nintendo GameCube Mini!


That’s cute. That’s like these little fellas.


We need a Banana for scale. That could be full size and everything else is giant for all we know.

Where’s my Banana for scale?



These mini systems are nothing but printing money in the west, but Nintendo refuses to even try and meet demand in the west for literally anything.


Yup, at this point it’s either deliberate or it’s blithering incompetence, and I think Nintendo’s smart enough that it’s not incompetence, so I’m a little tired of being dicked with.

When I want my NES retro fix, I plug one of these controllers into my Mac and fire up an emulator.


I wanted to give them money. I wasn’t even going to mod it. I just wanted to have this little piece of my childhood in an easy package and unlike Sega Nintendo made sure thier product didn’t suck (CoughATGAMEScough.)

But did Nintendo bother having enough made? Nope! What, couldn’t get the factory to run off a few million more? You are NOT a small time outfit. You are not the raspberry pi foundation surprised at the sort of interest. You are NINTENDO. You have been around for over a century and a half. You have been in the gaming industry since before the crash. YOU WERE THERE TO SAVE GAMING IN THE WEST AFTER THE CRASH.

And… THIS is how you trat us when we go ‘we have money. We would like to give it to you.’

I’m tired of ‘Home Island onrry’ bullshit. We’re supposed to be a global community.


when did Nintendo turn in to Tiger Electronics?


Why won’t anyone re-release QUALITY gaming devices like the N-Gage? #Sidetalking #Aesthetic


Well…I’m not sure “better” is being used, here, technologically speaking, but instead is referring to the quality of the games. While the N64 had some great first-part games, and handful of great 3rd party games (like Goldeneye), it has a much, much smaller library to choose from overall. The gamecube’s library is even less robust, and the Wii…well…again, great first party titles…

The SNES, meanwhile, has various undisputed masterpieces in it’s stable, across multiple publishers. Often, it was the perfect refinement of a 2d design philosophy, offering the superior version of concepts pioneered on the NES (take…Castlevania IV). This may sound paradoxical…but I actually think it’d be the most “playable” of the systems as well. It’s the sweet spot in between the stark, no-saves, no mercy difficulty of NES games - like the first Metroid - and the inherent complexity of modern 3d gaming.

I don’t believe Ocarina of Time is easier to pick up and play than a Link to the Past, for example.

As far as emulators are concerned…don’t underestimate the appeal of actually playing these on a couch, or the floor, in front of your TV. That sells. For better or worse, people like “owning” things, and emulators, while fine for gameplay, don’t look cute sitting next to your router. That being said, you can have both. Pick yourself up a raspberry pi and you can BOTH play thousands of emulated games, and do so on your couch, in a user-friendly manner.


I was lucky enough to get an NES Classic, but what I’d always wanted was this - I had an NES, but my teenage years were dominated by two platforms: SNES and Amiga.

Final Fantasy II/III (IV/VI), Zelda: aLTTP, even the SNES port of Street Fighter II are all great sources of nostalgia for me. I’d be all over one of these if they were released.


I would be after the SNES Star Wars Trilogy games. Some of my favorite side-scrollers ever.

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I realise that psychotic petulance is just what the gaming community does, and I shouldn’t waste my precious bile, but this latest tantrum comes on a bad day in history. Like, have we not learned our lesson about joining bandwagons of fury based on vanishingly little expertise?

Maybe Nintendo aren’t making money on this, or wouldn’t if they handled it the way furious internet nerds insist. Maybe they did fuck it up. Like everyone else, I’ll never know. But I do know there’s nothing to be gained by stroking out over the matter. Let’s just try to breathe ok


You can get literally the entire FF series on your phone, though VI has some questionable aesthetic choices.


And in fact I have all of these (though I play them on my iPad). But that’s just not the same as sitting down in front of the tv, controller in hand, and just immersing myself in the FF universe. :slight_smile:

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questionable is being overly polite

Only in North America.

There were plenty of games still being made for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 in Europe. The crash didn’t hit as badly over here.

If Nintendo hadn’t been there to fix the mistakes made, then the Europeans would have been. Don’t forget that Rare (called Ultimate Play The Game in the mid 80s) started by making games for the Spectrum, and many of their classic games were made during the crash years.


Sure…but personal preference and critical consensus are not the same thing. One is entirely subjective, and one is not. In that regard, the SNES is generally considered to have one of Nintendo’s finest console lineups. Obviously, that’s not to say that you’re “wrong” if you don’t care for it’s games…

I guess I’m not sure what the point of your argument is, here? I mean, it’s assumed that personal preference overrides critical consensus, correct?

Maybe you don’t care for Citizen Kane. That’s probably not going to change the commonly held perception that it’s one of the finest films ever made.

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